The Travel bandhu specializes in custom tours for Domestic destinations as well as South east Asia, Europe, Middle East and other destinations throughout Asia. Whether its International holidays, National holidays, Cruise exposure or Weekly Excursions ,our experts are always available to offer You, a wallet friendly world class hospitality, across The Globe. The Travel bandhu team is made up of seasoned travellers and experts who have lived and guided in every destination, stayed in every hotel and experienced every element of your journey. We pride ourselves on delivering authentic experiences that we ourselves enjoy: eateries frequented by locals for the food and not the scene, authentic boutique hotels and apartments that help you feel like a local resident and never a tourist, and our own guides and drivers selected for their quality and local knowledge.

Everything we do is aimed at authentic experiences and local culture - and every trip is constructed completely custom to the traveler’s wishes - never taken from a book or cookie cutter in any way.

Our goal is to show you the real places, the real experiences and the real reasons to visit any world class destinations we offer. Please feel free to contact us and we will get to work on a custom itinerary for you.



We begin by performing a personal phone or email (your preference) discussion about where you would like to go, when, for how long and with what goals in mind. We ask what interests you and what you'd rather avoid, how you see the trip unfolding and what matters most to you. We then use this information to determine which accommodations options will be the most suitable, which experiences most memorable and all the little details that really make the difference. From here we provide advice, local info and guidance so that you get the most possible enjoyment out of your journey without any of the hassle or headache so often associated with planning a trip abroad.

We handle every customer and every request personally and provide unlimited expert information on every destination from personal on the ground knowledge and not from general research and overview information. We know each city block-by-block, where to eat, what to do, what to skip, who offers the inside options unavailable anywhere else, etc. The traveler deals only with us throughout the planning process, and every trip we create is built from scratch with no predetermined components or package deals involved. We do not use chain hotels except when a landmark property or special request is required. The idea is to provide customized, expert-designed trips that match the specifications of each individual traveler both during the booking process and throughout the journey.



The difference is in the details and our small team and we remember everything from your seat on the plane to the style and amenities of your hotels, to the location of your accommodations as they relate to the attractions that most interest you within the city or region, from the experiences that will make your trip memorable to the transfers that will best eliminate any delays from your schedule. We plan every aspect of every custom trip to suit the individual and no two trips are ever the same.

If you choose one of our escorted trips or private tours, we will likely be the team to meet you on the ground and guide you throughout as well.